Here is another sad example of what Animal Rights Activists can do to innocent people and innocent animals to further their agenda of eventually eliminating the ownership of animals altogether.


I’ve been doing some research, trying to BETTER understand the process that goes into one of these “raids” in which people’s animals are seized. According to spokeswomen for the ASPCA and the PeTA (and they wouldn’t lie, would they? Ha!), they don’t have the authority to come onto somebody’s property and make the seizure themselves. There has to be a warrant issued, usually by A LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY. Of course, one of the HSUS, PeTA or the ASPCA’s highly paid and high powered lawyers could also go directly to the DA and have a warrant issued. They can bypass the law enforcement hub that way until time of the actual raid. Now, the person or agency, shelter, etc., being raided has a choice. They can either sign the animals over to the HSUS or ASPCA on the spot, or they can PAY to have the animals sheltered somewhere until the court date. I love due process of law, don’t you. Just another example of justice American style.  And, it’s all made possible by your generous donations to the Humane Society of the United States, PeTA and the ASPCA.  Keep those dollars rolling in, folks.  The animal Nazis’ lawyers have to be paid!


PeTA the acronym for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, claims they will never turn an animal away  “the sick, the scarred and broken, the elderly, the aggressive and unsocialized…” and this is absolutely true.    Sounds so good, so compassionate, doesn’t it?   The rest of the story unfortunately is, PeTA’s kill rate for the domestic animals they take in is a shocking 99%.    According to James McWilliams of the Atlantic, March 12, 2012,

of 760 dogs PeTA impounded in 2011, 713 of them were euthanised.  As for cats,  PeTA  took in 1,211 and killed a shocking 1,198.  In addition, according to these figures, PeTA took in 58 other domestic pets including rabbits and managed to kill 54 of them.  PeTA kills not only sick and otherwise unadoptable animals, but most of the beautiful, healthy and adoptable animals given into their care.  To PeTA, euthanasia is a very acceptable form of “rescue” and is referred to as “peaceful release.”    From the figures just given, it appears euthanasia is actually PeTA’s  PREFERRED form of rescue.  With a $30 million dollar a year budget, don’t you think PeTA could manage do just a little better?   Please, please if you want to save animals, give your money not to PeTA,  not to the Humane Society of the US and not to the ASPCA.  All of these bloated, overblown, self serving, overpromoted  organizations  spend very little of the millions of dollars in donations given to them on the actual rescue and care of animals.  If you really love and want to save animals lives, give to your local Humane Society, your local SPCA or a no kill shelter or rescue near you.



The Humane Society of the United States has just announced a $5,000 reward to anyone responsible for reporting a puppy mill which results in a successful raid and arrest of the operator.  Sounds good, doesn’t it.  The good old Humane Society of the US, ever vigilant, ever ready to leap into action to save the lives of animals.  Yeah, right.

Apparently, the Humane Society of the United States feels a need to polish up their image a little, in view of the unpleasant and disturbing facts made public about them by the Humane Watch organization, including but not limited to the fact that they give less than one percent of all the donations they receive to animal shelters, although their slickly produced TV ads give viewers that impression.  Oh, there is also that hedge fund of several million dollars they have sitting around and the huge salaries and pension plans their leadership receives.    To divert some of this negative attention they have been receiving, they have launched a brave new effort to bring down puppy mills by offering these monetary rewards.

The problem with this is that one of the hidden goals of the Humane Society of the US is to eventually eliminate ALL kennels, regardless how well they might be run or how healthy and cared for the animals might be.  They have made huge strides in this direction by pressuring pet stores not to sell puppies and making it difficult if not impossible to sell or buy a puppy online.  Now, if you want to see the day when you cannot buy a purebred dog for love or money in this country, then go right ahead and support the HSUS.  They will be extremely glad to take your money.  If you want to see the day when there are no more zoos or aquariums to visit and no more circus animal acts, then keep those contributions rolling in.  If you want to eventually be forbidden to eat meat, free range or otherwise, you know where to send those dollars!  Additionally, if it is your desire to eliminate all no kill shelters and just send all homeless dogs and cats directly to the euthanasia dumpster, then get out those credit cards and checkbooks and keep those donations rolling in to the Humane Society of the US, and to PeTA and to the ASPCA who have similar goals in mind.

Offering a $5,000 reward is a great way to fire up the greed in folks who are looking for ways to line their pockets with little regard for the methods involved.   Add to the mix those lost souls looking for ways to make themselves look like heroes at the expense of the innocent, and those who see imaginary evils where none exist and this will be a very productive effort for the Humane Society of the US.  It will be like going to Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600’s and offering a monetary reward for turning in a witch.  You’ll get the same kind of takers and the same sad results.

Puppy mills are a sad reality, but groups like the Humane Society of the US, PeTA and the ASPCA make little distinction between a genuine puppy mill and an honest, well run kennel.  They are all fair game and if they set their sights on “getting” a kennel operator, they will find a way to do it,  deserved or not.

If I become aware of a kennel where the cages seem to be too small, the animals do not look fed and healthy (and, this does NOT include a lack of professional grooming), then I will contact my local animal control officer and the office of the state shelter inspector and let them do the investigating.  Perhaps the operators of the kennel can make changes and improvements necessary to save their operation and their animals. The last entity on the face of this earth I would ever contact for any purpose is the Humane Society of the US.  It is never wise to have dealings with the devil.

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Defense of Animals

These are the “crazy” ones, the ones type cast, smeared and vilified by animal rights groups as “mentally ill.”   These are the ones who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty cleaning out cages,  emptying  litter boxes and walking dogs in all types of weather.  These are the shelter volunteers, the rescue operators, the individuals who pick up starving dogs and cats off the streets.   These are the ones who would rather give up a meal than to see animals they love so much go hungry.   They don’t have slickly produced ads to promote them, or a hedge fund of millions of dollars stashed away to draw from.  They  don’t have high powered law firms to represent them or PR firms to glamorize them.  Many have been persecuted, spied on, set up, misrepresented and lied about by powerful animal activist groups such as PETA and the HSUS  to further their…

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Animal “Rights” Extremists – Abuse of Power!

Sadly, in this world there is real animal abuse and way too much of it. Dogs are being burned, cats are skinned, animals are being starved, beaten and neglected by their owners. These animals need to be rescued and these atroceties treated as felonies and the perpetrators prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The ASPCA, the Humane Society of the US, PeTA and other groups should concentrate their energies and their vast bank accounts to this end. Sadly, there is another story that isn’t being told much by the news media, the story of how good-hearted animal rescue operators and legitimate animal breeders (ALL of which from what I have seen on the news and in the papers are classified as “hoarders” and “puppy mill runners” to these animal rights extremists) are being targeted, set up, their facilities raided, their property destroyed and their animals seized, some immediately euthanized simply on the say so of the aforementioned, powerful animal “RIGHTS” groups. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times. NO shelter or rescue should be raided solely on the say so of these organizations, and especially not on the pictures or videos they use as “evidence.” Picture evidence in cases like these is extremely easy to fabricate, and how many instances of animal abuse at farm facilities were instigated by the AR activists themselves when the workers would never have thought of doing such stupid things on their own?
Take a really good look next time at the pictures of animals taken from some of these places. Do they look any worse off than your own pets at home? Really?  By the way, lack of professional grooming on a long haired dog is not a measure of whether an animal is being properly fed and cared for, and pictures of sick animals in the shelters’ sick room being treated, or half starved animals that the rescue groups just took in and are trying to save are NOT evidence  that they, themselves are the abusers. Taking pictures of cages and litter boxes before the staff has a chance to clean them seems to be another favorite tactic of these AR extremists. And, take notice that most raids take place in the early morning before the rescue operators or kennel owners can have a chance to do their morning cleaning and feeding.  This makes for some really convincing pictures…oh, and they often insist on having everybody involved in the raid wear face masks which obviously makes it look like a biological hazard whether it is or not.
When a rescue facility or kennel is accused of abuse, the city or county animal control officers and the state shelter inspector should make their own evaluations first, and the rescue owners or kennel owners should have a CHANCE to make any changes necessary to save their operations and their animals.  Oh, I know…there is always a “process” that these AR groups claim they go through before staging a raid.  This process usually consists of the AR spies going to the DA or the Sheriff with the picture “evidence” they have, ‘er “compiled”, and pressuring them to make the raid  The shelter or the kennel has no warning of what is coming.  The big name AR groups have plenty of high powered, slick, slimy lawyers under their belt, financed with the money people give them thinking they are saving the lives of animals.  What does the rescue operator or the kennel owner have at their disposal?  They have to try to scrape up a huge amount of money to hire a good lawyer, or settle for a court appointed attorney who either isn’t animal savvy or could not care less.  They end up devastated, frightened, strapped for money, afraid they are going to go to jail and overwhelmed by the odds stacked against them.  This isn’t innocent until proven guilty, this is you’re GUILTY if the AR groups accuse you..PERIOD.
People’s rights are obviously being violated and this needs to stop, NOW.  Picture and video evidence should never be used simply because an AR group submits them.  Such evidence should be thrown out of court.  The evaluation of the operation should be made by the state inspector, the animal control officers and a qualified veterinarian NOT affiliated with the HSUS, PeTA or the ASPCA.  This abuse of power needs to stop now.  When is somebody going to have the guts to step up up, say “ENOUGH?”