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I am a person who dearly loves animals, and I volunteer with an animal shelter near my city. I have become deeply concerned about the tactics used by the Humane Society of the US and the ASPCA against shelter owners and animal rescue operators. These good people dedicate their lives to saving animals, but the HSUS and the ASPCA seem to have dedicated theirs to shutting them down. The operators' stories are seldom told, so I want to make the world aware of what is really going on and to help provide emotional support to shelter operators and rescue operators who have been victims of the bullying techniques of these powerful organizations.


Unfortunately, it appears are about to be bombarded with a slew of tv spots and 30 minute infomercials from the big three, nationally known animal rights groups. Some of these will be  paid for, while some are free public service announcements. These are slick, well planned, professionally produced works of art, featuring pitiful looking dogs and cats and stories that will tear your heart out. Many kind-hearted people will be moved to tears and will immediately rush to send these organizations money, thinking they are helping to save the lives of animals. Please know that less than 1 percent of all the collective $millions these organizations take in actually goes to animal shelters or hands on care for animals, plus well over 90 percent (closer to 98 percent, actually) of the animals these groups “rescue” are either euthanized by the rescuers themselves, or turned over to kill shelters to be euthanized. If you truly want to help save the lives of animals, give to your LOCAL SPCA, your LOCAL Humane Society or a no kill shelter or rescue group near you. The big three national animal welfare groups in nearly all cases are NOT affiliated with these local facilities, nor do they support them. Your local animal rescue groups don’t have access to million dollar hedge funds, huge salaries and pension plans for their directors  nor do they spend most of the money they collect on fund raisers to bring in even MORE money. These local groups aren’t out for personal glory or personal gain, they only want to SAVE the lives of animals. Please turn off the slick propaganda of the big animal rights organizations and put your money where it will really do some good by giving LOCALLY to help homeless, sick and suffering animals.


Anyone who can “euthanise” a healthy, innocent, adoptable animal without a second thought and not so much as a twinge of regret (and anyone who can advocate such an act)  has NO SOUL, and only a cold, hard, shriveled up stump where their heart used to be.


Please read this paragraph from an article about the life of  Mother Teresa, written by Victor Sheperd:  Several years ago she came across an emaciated man near death on the sidewalk. No hospital would admit him. She took him home. Soon she had gained access to an ancient Hindu temple which she turned into her ‘home for dying destitutes.” To this home the sisters bring the seventy- and eighty-pound adults who would otherwise die on the street. When Westerners scoff at the so-called band-aid treatment she gives to these people she replies, “No one, however sick, however repulsive, should have to die alone.” Then she tells whoever will listen how these people, with nothing to give and with a past which should, by all human reckoning, embitter them forever, will smile and say “Thank you” – and then die at peace. For her, enabling an abandoned person to die within sight of a loving face is something possessing eternal significance. (http://www.victorshepherd.on.ca/Heritage/mother.htm)

The answer to the title question is…of course not!  Too too many years ago in Calcutta, India a tiny, frail little nun known as Mother Teresa took on an overwhelming task.   It broke her kind heart to see the poorest of the poor suffering from diseases or starving to death alone and shunned by society on the streets , so she set out to help them.  Although she had very little money and many times she did not have enough food to go around or the wherewithal to cure the desperately sick, she did the best she could.  She sometimes had to result to “band aid” treatments to in an attempt to ease their suffering.  The people in her care understand, they appreciated what she did for them and they were grateful just to have somewhere to go, shelter,  a little food,  and a few comforts in their final hours.

In this country there are thousands of homeless cats and dogs living on the streets, abandoned by their owners, sick and abused…starving to death.  The light of hope has gone out of their eyes and there are few people who are willing to step up and do anything about it.   The ones who do are taking a serious risk, for there is a faction in our midst today known as the animal rights movement.   Many times the animal sanctuaries or  no kill shelters of caring individuals have been raided, the animals taken away and sometimes destroyed on the spot by law officials under pressure from animal rights activists.  The reason given is usually that there are “too many animals” (the hoarding card played), or some of the animals are sick and not receiving what they consider appropriate care, but  “band aid treatment.”  Sound familiar?

What it all boils down to is a difference of opinion and philosophy between the sanctuary operators and the animal rights activists.   To the sanctuary operator, taking the animals in, giving them food and water and as much medical care as can be afforded, is a labor of love.  The animals might not have perfect lives, but they have better lives than they would on the streets and they know the animals can sense that somebody loves and cares about them.   The animal rights activist on the other hand is convinced that if an animal does not have a perfect life, then it should be deprived of life, period.  They call it euthanasia, whereas no kill advocates call it heartless murder.

Stop for just a minute and compare Mother Teresa’s mission side by side with an animal sanctuary.  Mother Teresa is hailed as a saint and beloved of all (and rightly so) whereas many animal sanctuary and shelter operators have been vilified as hoarders and abusers, arrested, dragged into court and stripped of their animals and their property.   Many have been charged with and convicted of animal cruelty for doing the very same thing with animals that Mother Teresa did with human beings under similar circumstances.    Did she not have too many people at her mission?  Was there often  not enough medical care and supplies to go around and was it perhaps not perfectly clean all the time?   If people who rescue animals are “hoarders, “ wasn’t  Mother Teresa also technically a “hoarder?”  Has someone somewhere persuasively managed to strip kindness and compassion of its meaning and substitute a new image wrapped up in an ugly word like hoarder ?

How can we not see what is happening and how warped and twisted the animal rights movement has become?   When a group of people have enough money, enough power and enough influence they can control the thinking of a nation.  Please, I beg you… if you want to save the lives of animals give to a local animal sanctuary, a local no kill shelter or your local SPCA or Humane Society and never the major animal rights organizations.  Let’s restore a sense of reason and a sense of real compassion toward animals.

A Sad Day for The Caboodle Ranch Cats

I guess a lot of you know, the judge in the Caboodle Ranch case did not elect to return the cats to the ranch.  Instead, he decided to give the cats into the custody of the Sheriff of Madison County, Florida for the time being at least.  I really don’t know what to say about all this  which is why I had not posted anything up until now.  I’ve been numb, and very sad because even though I knew the chances that the cats would be returned to the ranch were slim, still I held out hope.  Now, much of that is gone.

One thing for certain, if those cats are eventually passed over into the hands of the ASPCA…many of them will die, many beautiful, innocent, harmless cats who never hurt anybody, never asked anything of anybody but a chance just to live out their lives in peace, will DIE…period.  They had been given that chance at the ranch…but all that changed the day of the infamous raid.  Since March, those cats who roamed free at the ranch, have been kept in cages IN A WAREHOUSE in Jacksonville, Florida under God only knows what conditions.  Many of those cats were feral cats, which the glorious, almighty ASPCA, in it’s infinite love and compassion,  will deem un-adoptable and obviously unworthy to live, so they will be immediately euthanized and thrown into a dumpster or burned like trash.  Some, if they are perfect and photogenic and look good on the front of a future fund-raising mailer, might eventually be put up for adoption, but for the many that don’t make it out….who really cares?

Do that handful of people who were critical of the ranch and eventually brought about the famous raid even care one iota about the lives of those animals, or…could it be  all they really ever cared about is their own glory, their own sense of self importance, their little hour in the spotlight, their chance to make themselves look like big heroes to a small portion of the world!  Was bringing down the ranch just an opportunity to boost their own self esteem?  What really motivated the raid on the ranch?  Well, what  motivated all those witch hunters in Salem, Massachusetts back in the 1600’s?  What was it that motivated Joseph McCarthy and his Commie hunting cronies?

The Caboodle Ranch has had a lot of visitors over the years, and a lot of volunteers who found no fault whatsoever with the way the ranch was run or the care the animals received.  Isn’t it amazing that a very small group of people who simply have a different philosophy of how animals should be treated, were able to be heard above all those other voices.  I guess they were just able to shout louder, huh?  And, of course it helps to have the assistance of powerful animal rights activists rolling in money, skilled in deception and short on any real love or feeling for the lives of animals.  I’ve shed many a tear over those Caboodle Ranch cats….how many of the accusers and raiders have shed even one?

If you would care to donate to the Caboodle Ranch defense fund, you may use the following link.  http://www.caboodleranch.org/Donations.html


The Right to Live?????

Here’s an interesting quote  from Alex Pacheco, Co-Founder of PeTA:

We feel that animals have the same rights as a retarded human child because they are equal mentally in terms of dependence on others.
– The New York Times (January 14, 1989)

The same rights as a retarded human child?   Well, do those rights include the right just to LIVE?  How would the American public react if a group of people were going around conducting rescues which consisted of rounding up and euthanizing mentally challenged children, claiming that they are suffering or might suffer in the future?   According to James McWilliams of the Atlantic, March 12, 2012, PeTA’s kill rate for the domestic animals they take in is a shocking 99%.

Yes, thousands of helpless, healthy and adoptable animals are heartlessly euthanized each year by PeTA and they seem to think no more of taking a precious little animal’s life than they do of wadding up a piece of paper and tossing it into the trash; perhaps the trash would actually have an edge because PeTA activists are so big on the environment.

Open your eyes America!


Please read the following article at petside.com  http://www.petside.com/article/memorial-day-weekend-celebration-owner-has-caboodle-ranch-cats-returned

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The information in this post came from the story at petside.com (see above link) and from a good friend of Nanette’s who was present when the cats were returned to her.  I have not personally seen the cats, the scars or the  papers from the ASPCA.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, a wise and just judge awarded Nanette Entriken’s cats back into her custody!  That decision was made almost two weeks ago, but on Wednesday, May 23,   Nanette was finally able to bring her cats home for the first time since they were confiscated a few days following the raid by the ASPCA and the Madison County, Florida Sheriff’s Department on Caboodle Ranch at Lee, Florida.   What the County of Madison, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and the ASPCA did to Nanette was cruel and unconscionable. Throw PeTA in the mix as well since it was a video manufactured by a slick, slimy PeTA spy that motivated the carefully orchestrated raid (carefully orchestrated possibly to make a damaging impact against the passage of FARA, the proposed Florida Animal Rescue Act which was up for ratification.)

Nanette told a reporter at Petside.com,  that when she  picked up her cats Wednesday, she discovered to her horror that invasive exploratory surgery had been done on all of the females, supposedly to determine if they had been spayed or not; this included Nanette’s 15 year old spayed female.  Now, if this is indeed true, the ASPCA was aware, or should have been aware that Nanette had all the medical records on hand for her cats and they could have had access to these records by either asking her or her lawyer.  By the way, according to Nanette,  all her female cats had been spayed except for a couple of females too young for the surgery at the time of their confiscation.

Let me digress a bit for those of you unfamiliar with the case.  The poor woman, Nanette Entriken,  had moved to a trailer home on Caboodle Ranch property TWO WEEKS prior to the Caboodle Ranch raid.  Nanette had been maintaining the website for the ranch from her home in North Carolina and had made the drive down to Florida monthly to work hands on with the cats.  It was her dream to move to Florida and actually work with the care of the cats on a daily basis.  This move was accomplished in late February, 2012 when she moved along with her cats to a trailer home on Caboodle Ranch property.  Although Nanette said said her cats had never mingled with the Caboodle Ranch cats or been out of her home and although she said she was assured by the Sheriff that she would not be charged and her cats would not be involved, the Sheriff’s dept. showed up on her doorstep early one morning a few days later and confiscated them all. Nanette said when she went down to the Sheriff’s Dept. to try to get them back, she was met from a representative from the State’s Attorney’s office who told her cruelly, “it will be a long time before you see your cats again. They are state’s evidence.” STATE’s EVIDENCE although they had been in the county two weeks! Later, papers were filed by the State’s Attorney’s office to take custody of her cats on the grounds that she was “unstable and unfit to care for them.” If there ever was a travesty of justice, if ever a person was unjustly victimized, traumatized and tormented by a legal system gone completely insane, this is the perfect example. I’m glad justice and common sense prevailed and she was awarded her cats back. When I found out just now about Nanette’s allegations of  unnecessary surgeries, that really made me angry.  If this is truly confirmed and can be proven, then the  ASPCA should not get away with it. Personally, I have not seen the cats, the scars or the papers from the ASPCA, but why would Nanette lie about something like this and risk bringing the wrath of the ASPCA down on her?

Please realize this is just one case out of thousands. Whether this can be proven or not, this kind of abuse of power by animal “rights” groups is happening every day in this country. No group or organization, especially radical animal “rights” activists should have the apparently limitless power they have to disrupt and ruin the lives of people and animals any time they so choose.

Source:  http://www.petside.com/article/memorial-day-weekend-celebration-owner-has-caboodle-ranch-cats-returned

Incidently, in my first post I stated that if proof was not forthcoming from Nanette, I would take the post down and make apologies to the ASPCA.  I took my original post down and replaced it with this one.  That part of the bargain was kept.  As for the ASPCA, this is my apology.  I’m sorry I did not email you earlier than I did, but you have received both a message and an email from me.  I would appreciate  an answer, and welcome comments and documents from you showing your side of the story.

The respose from the ASPCA did come Monday, June 4 in an email to me from Olivia Melikhov.  The email reads as follows:

Thank you for reaching out to us. We did have a very important correction to the Petside.com story, which we posted in the article comments section. The female cats were shaved simply to check first for spay scars so that unnecessary and intrusive surgery could be avoided. Only in one instance, where a scar was not apparent upon close examination by two veterinarians, was a previously spayed cat surgically opened. Her previous spay was quickly confirmed, and she was re-sutured and is doing well.

Please let me know if you  have any other questions.
All the best,