Unfortunately, it appears are about to be bombarded with a slew of tv spots and 30 minute infomercials from the big three, nationally known animal rights groups. Some of these will be¬† paid for, while some are free public service announcements. These are slick, well planned, professionally produced works of art, featuring pitiful looking dogs and cats and stories that will tear your heart out. Many kind-hearted people will be moved to tears and will immediately rush to send these organizations money, thinking they are helping to save the lives of animals. Please know that less than 1 percent of all the collective $millions these organizations take in actually goes to animal shelters or hands on care for animals, plus well over 90 percent (closer to 98 percent, actually) of the animals these groups “rescue” are either euthanized by the rescuers themselves, or turned over to kill shelters to be euthanized. If you truly want to help save the lives of animals, give to your LOCAL SPCA, your LOCAL Humane Society or a no kill shelter or rescue group near you. The big three national animal welfare groups in nearly all cases are NOT affiliated with these local facilities, nor do they support them. Your local animal rescue groups don’t have access to million dollar hedge funds, huge salaries and pension plans for their directors¬† nor do they spend most of the money they collect on fund raisers to bring in even MORE money. These local groups aren’t out for personal glory or personal gain, they only want to SAVE the lives of animals. Please turn off the slick propaganda of the big animal rights organizations and put your money where it will really do some good by giving LOCALLY to help homeless, sick and suffering animals.