A Sad Day for The Caboodle Ranch Cats

I guess a lot of you know, the judge in the Caboodle Ranch case did not elect to return the cats to the ranch.  Instead, he decided to give the cats into the custody of the Sheriff of Madison County, Florida for the time being at least.  I really don’t know what to say about all this  which is why I had not posted anything up until now.  I’ve been numb, and very sad because even though I knew the chances that the cats would be returned to the ranch were slim, still I held out hope.  Now, much of that is gone.

One thing for certain, if those cats are eventually passed over into the hands of the ASPCA…many of them will die, many beautiful, innocent, harmless cats who never hurt anybody, never asked anything of anybody but a chance just to live out their lives in peace, will DIE…period.  They had been given that chance at the ranch…but all that changed the day of the infamous raid.  Since March, those cats who roamed free at the ranch, have been kept in cages IN A WAREHOUSE in Jacksonville, Florida under God only knows what conditions.  Many of those cats were feral cats, which the glorious, almighty ASPCA, in it’s infinite love and compassion,  will deem un-adoptable and obviously unworthy to live, so they will be immediately euthanized and thrown into a dumpster or burned like trash.  Some, if they are perfect and photogenic and look good on the front of a future fund-raising mailer, might eventually be put up for adoption, but for the many that don’t make it out….who really cares?

Do that handful of people who were critical of the ranch and eventually brought about the famous raid even care one iota about the lives of those animals, or…could it be  all they really ever cared about is their own glory, their own sense of self importance, their little hour in the spotlight, their chance to make themselves look like big heroes to a small portion of the world!  Was bringing down the ranch just an opportunity to boost their own self esteem?  What really motivated the raid on the ranch?  Well, what  motivated all those witch hunters in Salem, Massachusetts back in the 1600’s?  What was it that motivated Joseph McCarthy and his Commie hunting cronies?

The Caboodle Ranch has had a lot of visitors over the years, and a lot of volunteers who found no fault whatsoever with the way the ranch was run or the care the animals received.  Isn’t it amazing that a very small group of people who simply have a different philosophy of how animals should be treated, were able to be heard above all those other voices.  I guess they were just able to shout louder, huh?  And, of course it helps to have the assistance of powerful animal rights activists rolling in money, skilled in deception and short on any real love or feeling for the lives of animals.  I’ve shed many a tear over those Caboodle Ranch cats….how many of the accusers and raiders have shed even one?

If you would care to donate to the Caboodle Ranch defense fund, you may use the following link.  http://www.caboodleranch.org/Donations.html