The Right to Live?????

Here’s an interesting quote  from Alex Pacheco, Co-Founder of PeTA:

We feel that animals have the same rights as a retarded human child because they are equal mentally in terms of dependence on others.
– The New York Times (January 14, 1989)

The same rights as a retarded human child?   Well, do those rights include the right just to LIVE?  How would the American public react if a group of people were going around conducting rescues which consisted of rounding up and euthanizing mentally challenged children, claiming that they are suffering or might suffer in the future?   According to James McWilliams of the Atlantic, March 12, 2012, PeTA’s kill rate for the domestic animals they take in is a shocking 99%.

Yes, thousands of helpless, healthy and adoptable animals are heartlessly euthanized each year by PeTA and they seem to think no more of taking a precious little animal’s life than they do of wadding up a piece of paper and tossing it into the trash; perhaps the trash would actually have an edge because PeTA activists are so big on the environment.

Open your eyes America!