I’ve been doing some research, trying to BETTER understand the process that goes into one of these “raids” in which people’s animals are seized. According to spokeswomen for the ASPCA and the PeTA (and they wouldn’t lie, would they? Ha!), they don’t have the authority to come onto somebody’s property and make the seizure themselves. There has to be a warrant issued, usually by A LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY. Of course, one of the HSUS, PeTA or the ASPCA’s highly paid and high powered lawyers could also go directly to the DA and have a warrant issued. They can bypass the law enforcement hub that way until time of the actual raid. Now, the person or agency, shelter, etc., being raided has a choice. They can either sign the animals over to the HSUS or ASPCA on the spot, or they can PAY to have the animals sheltered somewhere until the court date. I love due process of law, don’t you. Just another example of justice American style.  And, it’s all made possible by your generous donations to the Humane Society of the United States, PeTA and the ASPCA.  Keep those dollars rolling in, folks.  The animal Nazis’ lawyers have to be paid!

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