PeTA the acronym for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, claims they will never turn an animal away  “the sick, the scarred and broken, the elderly, the aggressive and unsocialized…” and this is absolutely true.    Sounds so good, so compassionate, doesn’t it?   The rest of the story unfortunately is, PeTA’s kill rate for the domestic animals they take in is a shocking 99%.    According to James McWilliams of the Atlantic, March 12, 2012,

of 760 dogs PeTA impounded in 2011, 713 of them were euthanised.  As for cats,  PeTA  took in 1,211 and killed a shocking 1,198.  In addition, according to these figures, PeTA took in 58 other domestic pets including rabbits and managed to kill 54 of them.  PeTA kills not only sick and otherwise unadoptable animals, but most of the beautiful, healthy and adoptable animals given into their care.  To PeTA, euthanasia is a very acceptable form of “rescue” and is referred to as “peaceful release.”    From the figures just given, it appears euthanasia is actually PeTA’s  PREFERRED form of rescue.  With a $30 million dollar a year budget, don’t you think PeTA could manage do just a little better?   Please, please if you want to save animals, give your money not to PeTA,  not to the Humane Society of the US and not to the ASPCA.  All of these bloated, overblown, self serving, overpromoted  organizations  spend very little of the millions of dollars in donations given to them on the actual rescue and care of animals.  If you really love and want to save animals lives, give to your local Humane Society, your local SPCA or a no kill shelter or rescue near you.



3 thoughts on “PeTA’s IDEA OF A RESCUE

  1. So, if I read correctly, 30 million to save about 64 animals? or almost 500,000 dollars per animal they “save”.

  2. This is a worse than deplorable record and I think we need audits and oversight of all of the above agencies PETA, ASPCA and HSUS. None of them smell the sniff test, and supporters and animals deserve better. Everyone must be held accountable!

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