This question has become a bone of contention in recent years, a heavy bone that high profile groups like the Humane Society of the United States, PeTA and the ASPCA use regularly to beat down individual pet owners and no kill animal rescue groups. According to the way of thinking expounded by these and other animal “rights” groups, no animal should be allowed to suffer..period, regardless if the animal has a chance to make a recovery from its’ illness or injury. Many innocent people have been persecuted, even arrested and their animals taken away and killed simply because these powerful groups say so.

The problem is that animals are not able to speak for themselves, and even if they had the power to verbalize, it is doubtful that they, not possessing the powers of reason, could understand the concept of life and death. Animals are not just four footed human beings, regardless what the AR proponents would have us believe. Animals operate mainly on instinct and natural drives, the strongest of these being the instinct to survive. If the animal rights advocates truly want to represent the wishes and needs of animals as they claim, then should they not fight to give the animal what its’ natural drives point to? Life?

The “animal rights” extremists lean toward death as the ultimate answer to any situation involving animals, whereas there are a vast majority of people out there, myself included, who want to save and prolong the lives of animals through rescue and medical intervention. The AR fanatics can produce veterinarians to support their views on this issue, some of whom are probably on their payroll, but there are equally as many vets out there who would strongly disagree and favor trying to save the animal. Personally, I believe if the animal has a chance to survive, and if money and attention will permit, give that animal the necessary medical care and support so that it can return to the life it loves and cherishes. Think of it this way, if your child had an illness and you knew it to be suffering now, but with medical care it could recover, would you inject it with poison and stop its’ heart just to put it out of its’ present discomfort? If the thought is appalling when applied to the life of a child, why is it any different for a helpless animal?

Don’t get me wrong, pain control is very important. I believe sick animals should be made as comfortable as possible during the recovery process; but, to elect to immediately kill an animal when it can be saved is not only tragic…it’s inhumane and cruel. Yes, inhumane and cruel…those are two words the AR groups like to throw around. I would like to throw them back in their faces!

Many shelter cats with upper respiratory disease or urinary tract infections are euthanized when they can be saved with antibiotics, fluids and syringe feeding support, however the AR activists would never dream of giving them this life saving treatment; never in a million years. They just kill them, then rationalize and justify it by saying they are relieving that animal’s suffering. This, to me is ridiculous, and to be honest , makes me sick to my stomach. Many good, kind people have been arrested and the animals they were trying to nurse back to health photographed and used as EVIDENCE that they were abusing them…animals that would have recovered with continued care.

There are two avenues of thought when it comes to treating sick animals….the AR way of death, and the rescuers way of support and care to allow for a chance to recover. Please don’t let the radical Animal Rights crazies brainwash you into blindly believing everything they say. Don’t just take animal cruelty charges you read about in the news regarding animal shelters and “hoarders” at face value, either. Open your eyes, learn to think for yourself and ask “what really happened here? Was this really a rescue, or could it be another travesty of justice against a good person trying to save the lives of animals?“ Above all, support your LOCAL shelter or animal rescue group NOT these high profile Animal Rights groups who give next to nothing for the support and care of animals.


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