The Crazy Ones

These are the “crazy” ones, the ones type cast, smeared and vilified by animal rights groups as “mentally ill.”   These are the ones who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty cleaning out cages,  emptying  litter boxes and walking dogs in all types of weather.  These are the shelter volunteers, the rescue operators, the individuals who pick up starving dogs and cats off the streets.   These are the ones who would rather give up a meal than to see animals they love so much go hungry.   They don’t have slickly produced ads to promote them, or a hedge fund of millions of dollars stashed away to draw from.  They  don’t have high powered law firms to represent them or PR firms to glamorize them.  Many have been persecuted, spied on, set up, misrepresented and lied about by powerful animal activist groups such as PETA and the HSUS  to further their own political agendas .   They’ve had their hearts broken , their lives shattered and everything they have worked for destroyed.  They have been acquainted with injustice on many levels, yet they go on and keep fighting for their right to love and rescue animals, because if they don’t care…nobody will.


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