ANIMAL HOARDING – Unfair Labeling

One thing we can credit the Humane Society of the US with, and I don’t mean in a good way, is the invention of the term and condition known as “animal hoarding.”  The very word “hoarding” brings up mental images of selfish, miserly old Scrooge types buying up and hiding away things of value so that others who need them can’t get them.  This is NOT the case with people who try to rescue animals.  Taking it a step further, these self proclaimed experts from the HSUS, PETA and the ASPCA say it is mental  illness that drives people to rescue animals.  Since when in the history of mankind is having a big heart and compassion a mental illness?  If it is, then Mother Teresa was the most mentally ill person who ever lived.  Think about it.  Mother Teresa walked the streets of Calcutta in her early years trying to save some of the starving souls.  She didn’t always have enough food to feed everybody at her facilities, nor enough medicine to go around, but thank God no radical “humanitarian” group stormed in, took all all those people out of there, loaded them into prison cells and then gassed them to put them “out of their suffering.”  Thank God nobody arrested her and tried to make her stand trial for “people abuse,” or took pictures of the sick and starving people she was trying to save and used them as evidence of her abuse.  “Oh, that’s different,” some of you are saying?  How is it different?  Think about it.  Are these not the very tactics used by the aforementioned radical animal rights organizations?   Get past the hype, the deception and the slick PR of the Humane Society of the US, PETA and the ASPCA and start looking at the whole picture.

I realize that there have been some extreme cases of individuals keeping far too many animals inside their homes in unsanitary conditions, but to lump all people who have big hearts and want to rescue  unwanted and starving animals under the umbrella of “animal hoarders” and label them a MENTALLY ILL is just wrong and needs to stop.   This is just one of the handy little tools the Humane Society of the US, the ASPCA and PETA use to wrongly raid and shut down rescue facilities.  Please, stop taking everything these people say at face value, otherwise a lot more innocent animals will needlessly die and a lot more good people will be devastated.


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